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Nadia Katz

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Nadia trained professionally in the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (London) Modern Theatre, Tap Theatre and Classical Ballet, as well as in the Allianza Flamenca Spanish Dance Society.She attained extremely high results in all exams up to Advanced, including associates in all 4 fields and competed in many competitions, winning 2 Championship Awards among many others Nadia received distinctions in all advanced and associate levels of Tap & Modern Genres and continues to train with renowned choreographers She has 6 years of Drama training under her belt, through Sabrina Chinelli up to professional level (Grade 7) Distinctions were achieved for every exam and Nadia also portrayed the lead role in 4 major productions, which were Internationally recognised She was awarded a 2-year singing bursary through the Trinity College London and trained with Barry Prince up to Grade 7 including international exams and was awarded a bursary when spotted in production Through attending many courses, Nadia has been trained in Ballroom and Latin, as well as contemporary and Hip-Hop She is a choreographer for her own dance company and has danced and choreographed in music videos, adverts and major corporate events Nadia has worked in theaters such as the Civic & Artscape and continues to grow her repertoire every year